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Dr. Muñiz was appointed Dean of IE's School of Global and Public Affairs in January of 2017. On that date he also became the Founding Director of the IE Center for the Governance of Change:


The School of Global and Public Affairs at IE is dedicated to teaching, researching and reflecting on world affairs. It serves to spearhead IE’s international projection in line with the university's firmly held belief that global awareness now plays a pivotal role in the success of both public and private sector initiatives. IE’s student body comprises over 100 nationalities, while 45,000 IE alumni hold international leadership positions around the world. The School of IR has close to 800 graduate and undergraduate students and over 70 faculty members. It offers a Bachelor in International Relations (BIR), a Bachelor in Economics (PLE), a Bachelor in Economics (BIE), a Master in International Relations (MIR) and a Master in International Development (MID).

For more information visit the School's website.

Opening of the 2017 MIR

Opening of the 2017 MIR

By 2030, nearly 50% of today’s jobs will be automated or outsourced; three out of four companies currently on the S&P 500 list will no longer exist, and the life expectancy of babies born in the developed world will have surpassed 125 years. These are just some of the many changes that our globalized and interconnected world will likely experience in the coming decades.

With the aim of understanding and better governing this process facilitating this process the IE has launched The Center for the Governance of Change (CGC), a research, educational and impact-oriented institution that seeks to enhance our ability to anticipate, manage, and foster change in a variety of domains (political, economic, and societal) and on a number of levels (from national to global). 


For more information visit the Center's website.

Future Wold Sessions run by the CGC at the 2017 South Summit

Future Wold Sessions run by the CGC at the 2017 South Summit
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