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Academic and Relevant Policy Publications

"21세기 전략적 선견지명의 필요성 [마누엘 무니즈의 AI혁명]" (The Need for Strategic Foresight in the 21st Century), Korea Business Herald, Jan 2024

N°90 - La Era de la Inteligencia Artificial - Vanguardia Dossier - Dossier , Dec 2023.

Dancing with separatists: Can Spain’s new government last?,” The Brookings Institution - Nov 2023


세계 경제질서의 파편화 [마누엘 무니즈의 AI혁명],” (The Fracturing of the International Economic Order), Korea Business Herald, Nov 2023

Diplomacia tecnológica para la era digital”, Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals, n.º 134 (September 2023), p. 91-102 - Sept 2023

Der Einfluss der USA und Europas in Lateinamerika schwindet,” (The Influence of the USA and Europe in Latin America is Waning), Handelsblatt - Sep 2023

La fractura del orden económico mundial,” (The Fracturing of the Global Economic Order), Expansión - May 2023

AI, Democracy and the Global Order,” (joint with Samir Saran), Project Syndicate - May 2023

Perspectives transatlantiques sur un ordre mondial fracture,” (Transatlantic perspectives on a fracturing global order), Politique étrangère, vol. 88, n° 1, printemps 2023 - Feb 2023

Education for a more Equitable Society”, IE Insights, - Sep 2022 

La desintermediación de la diplomacia,” (The desintermediation of diplomacy), Estudios de Política Exterior, Issue 208, July/August, pp. 2-13 - Jul 22

Technology and the Global Struggle for Democracy,” Project Syndicate - Jan 2022

Por una España más global,” (A more global Spain), Estudios de Política Exterior, Issue 200, Marzo/Abril, pp. 90-103 - Mar 2021


La política exterior como política de estado,” (Foreign policy as State Policy), El Mundo - Mar 2021

España como democracia plena,” (Spain as a Full Democracy), El País - Feb 2021


Diplomacia económica para un nuevo Contrato Social,” (Economic Diplomacy for a New Social Contract), El País - Jul 2020 

Tecnología y orden global,” (Technology and Global Order), Estudios de Politica Exterior, Issue 193, Enero/Febrero, pp. 2-14 - Jan 2020

Orden Global, Tecnología y la Geopolítica del Cambio,” (Global Order, Technology and the Geopolitics of Change), Anuario Internacional CIDOB, pp. 16-24  - Jun 2019


The Coming Technological Cold War,” Project Syndicate - Apr 2019

Technology for better governance,” (joint with Idoia Ortiz), The Education Times, Times of India - Feb 2019


Tecnología y Orden Global,” (Technology and Global Order), El Pais - Dec 2018


Technology, China’s Rise and the Future of the International Order,” Club de Madrid, Working Paper - Nov 2018


The Internal Fracturing of the Transatlantic Order,” in US Trends that Matter for Europe, Madrid, Fundacion Alternativas & IE School of Global and Public Affairs, pp. 6-8 - Oct 2018

El Retorno de la Historia,” (The Return of History), ABC - Oct 2018


El colapso de Occidente,” (The Collapse of the West), Expansion - Jul 2018


Domestic Enemies and the Collapse of the Transatlantic Order,” Atlantic Community - May 2018

Trump, Iran y la relación transatlántica,” (Trump, Iran and the Transatlantic Relationship), Expansion - May 2018

"Europa como solución al nacionalismo," (Europe as a Solution to Nationalism), Esglobal - Dec 2017

"Le triangle de distribution emplois-productivité-revenu ne fonctionne plus," (The Distribution Triangle of Employement-Productivity-Income Does not Work Any More, Le Monde - Nov 2017

"Economic Growth in No Longer Enough," Project Syndicate - Nov 2017


"Barcelona, Terrorism And The Need For Unity," Social Europe - Sep 2017

Technological change, inequality and the collapse of the liberal order,” (joint with Carlos Lastra), Economics, Discussion Paper - Jul 2017

Technological Change, Inequality and the Collapse of the Liberal Order,” (joint with Karl Kaiser, Carlos Lastra, Henning Meyer and Manuel Torres), G20 Insights, Policy Brief - Apr 2017


El Futuro del Gobierno y de la Acción Pública en el Siglo XXI,” (The Future of Government and of Public Administration), Revista Información Comercial Económica (ICE), Issue 891, pp. 7-19 - Jan 2017

El colapso del orden liberal,” (The Collapse of the Liberal Order), Estudios de Politica Exterior, Issue 175, Enero/Febrero, pp. 2-13 - Jan 2017

¿Cuáles son las opciones políticas que podrían ayudar a construir un sistema más justo?,” (What are the political options that can build a more just system?), World Economic Forum - Dec 2016

Populism and the Need for a New Social Contract," Social Europe - Oct 2016

Brexit and the Perverse Geopolitics of Leaving the European Union,” (joint with Bernardo Navazo), New Atlanticist - Jul 2016

"La era anti-élites,” (The Anti-Elite Era), Estudios de Politica Exterior, Issue 172, Julio/Agosto, pp. 46-52 - Jul 2016

Brexit and the anti-elite era,” Europe’s World - Jul 2016

La confusion de EEUU en un mundo desordenado” (The confusion of the EEUU in a chaotic world), Estudios de Politica Exterior, Issue 170, Marzo/Abril 2016, pp. 139-143 - Mar 2016

Spain and the CSDP,” in Fiott, Daniel ed. The Common Security and Defence Policy: National Perspectives, Brussels, Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations, pp. 52-53 - May 2015

Progreso Tecnológico y Orden Internacional: hacia una nueva economía y una major gobernanza,” (Technological Prograess and the International Order: Towards a New Economy and Better Governance) (joint with Alexandre Perez Casares), Revista Informacion Comercial Economica (ICE), Issue 880, pp. 39-55 - Oct 2014

Redefining the Transatlantic Security Relationship,” (joint with Anne Marie LeGloannec), Transworld Working Paper 38, pp. 1-29 - Oct 2014

Strategy and Its Role in the Future of European Defense Integration,” Rome, Istituto Affari Internazionali, Working Paper 1330, pp.1-13 - Oct 2013

Long-Termism in Foreign Policy: How Iraq and Libya doomed Syria,” The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs - Sep 2013

The Case for Political Reform in Europe,” Europe’s World - Sep 2013

Europe’s Asian Pivot,” (joint with Karl Kaiser), Project Syndicate - Sep 2013

Why Europe, too, needs an Asia ‘pivot’,” (joint with Karl Kaiser), Europe’s World Journal,Issue 24, pp. 92-96 - Summer 2013

1985–2012–2040 The United States and Europe within Changing Global Politics,” Talloires Conference Report, pp. 1-62 - Summer 2012

“The Negotiation of the European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy,” Reading and Research Paper (Under Supervision of Prof. Brian Mandell), Harvard Kennedy School, pp. 1-30 (Unpublished Manuscript) - Apr 2011

“The European Union: a Soft Power,” Reading and Research Paper (Under Supervision of Prof. Joseph Nye), Harvard Kennedy School, pp. 1-51 (Unpublished Manuscript) - Dec 2010

“ESDP & NATO: The First 10 Years 1999-2009,” Reading and Research Paper (Under Supervision of Prof. Karl Kaiser), Harvard Kennedy School, pp. 1-36 (Unpublished Manuscript) - May 2010


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