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Dr. Muñiz holds the Rafael del Pino Chair in Global Leadership and Direct's the Foundation's Program on Global Leadership:


Academic Visitors Program: The Rafael del Pino Foundation, in collaboration with Dr. Muñiz, runs a series of visits to Madrid by senior academics and practitioners working in the field of international relations. As part of these visits guests deliver a lecture at the Rafael del Pino Forum, and meet numerous individuals and institutions in Spain working on topics of their interest. Guests of this series include: Kevin Rudd, Roger Cohen, Sean Cleary (video), Karl Kaiser (video), or Joseph S. Nye (video).

Rafael del Pino - Kennedy School of Government Fellow: Every year the Fundación Rafael del Pino in collaboration with the Spanish Foreign Ministry selects and grants a fellowship for a senior diplomat to join the  Fellows Program at the Transatlantic Relations Initiative in the Kennedy School of Government. 

Spanish Global Professionals Network (SGP): The SGP is a network of mid-to-senior Spaniards working in multilateral institutions like the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and others. Manuel is one of the co-founders and a member of its Executive Board. The Rafael del Pino Foundation is the project’s institutional partner. The SGP seeks to both connect these professionals to one another and, importantly, build bridges between them and Spain (red more).

Workshop in Global Leadership (WGL): A one week-long workshop on global affairs organised with the support of the Rafael del Pino Foundation (Madrid) for the last four years (2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017). It takes place every September at the WCFIA  and brings together 30 senior Spanish academics and practitioners with Harvard faculty. 

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WGL 2014 Group Photo 

WGL 2014 Group Photo

 WGL 2016 Group Photo     

 WGL 2016 Group Photo

WGL 2015 Group Photo

WGL 2015 Group Photo

WGL 2017 Group Photo

WGL 2017 Group Photo

Workshop on the Future of Government: A workshop on innovation, disruption, change and government which is held at the University of Oxford every Spring. The first edition took place in 2017 and brought together 25 participants from Spain with an interest in the governance of change. The goal of this initiative is to create a community of academics and practitioners with expertise in this field that can then return to Spain and improve the country’s policies when it comes to innovation as well as adjusting to change.

WFG 2017 Group Photo

WFG 2017 Group Photo

Spanish Leadership Network (SLN): The SLN is the alumni network of the Workshops in Global Leadership and the Workshop on the Future of Government. It is made up at the moment of around 150 people. The network is a diverse community of individuals with backgrounds in academia, business, the public sector and politics and with an interest in global affairs. It runs two fundamental activities:

  • Event Series: the network meets recurrently for a breakfasts, lunches and meetings with senior academics and practitioners. The inaugural speaker of the breakfast series was the former Spanish Finance Minister and Former European Commissioner, Pedro Solbes (February 2016)

  • Annual Gathering: The SLN meets once a year in Madrid to discuss key topics and central policy challenges faced by Spain. 

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