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Manuel Muñiz is a Spanish lawyer, academic administrator, and International Relations scholar and is currently the Provost of IE University and Dean of its School of Global and Public Affairs. From 1 June 2023, Muñiz is the President of the Association of Professional Schools of International Schools. 


Conversation with top leaders

Manuel Muñiz at "Next Fifty" IE University

What kind of societies do we want to build?
What type of individuals should be educating?
What is the role of universities in all of this?
Conversation with Heather A. Conley

Conversation with Heather A. Conley

A few weeks ago, I had a terrific insightful conversation with Heather A. Conley President of the German Marshall Fund of the United States for IE Insights. Topic: 🇺🇸 - 🇪🇺 relations We delved into important topics such as the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, the future of NATO, and the ever-evolving situation in the Indo-Pacific. Some highlights: 💥 Ukraine: there is war fatigue among Ukraine's allies, and a growingly fractured US political landscape could have an impact on the volume and speed of aid being sent to Ukraine. 🔒NATO: we also looked at the NATO enlargement process, and at Russia's claims regarding its invasion of Ukraine. 👉 Russian Influence in Central and Eastern Europe: Conley highlighted Russian economic influence in the region, especially in countries like Moldova, Serbia and Hungary, and how this affects their relations with Western colleagues. 🌏 China & Taiwan: We analysed China's growing importance in US and European foreign policy, focusing on President Xi Jinping's statements about reunification with Taiwan and the potential for conflict. 🌐 2024, a Turning Point for Democracy: We reflected on the significance of the 2024 electoral year globally, with elections in major democracies and considerations about the state of democratic principles worldwide. A conversation that tackled current global challenges and opportunities for transatlantic allies. We need to work very hard to make sure that Europe and the United States continue to work shoulder to shoulder. As Heather said, "never alone, always together". @IEUniversity @IEInsights



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